French Doors

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Since 1994, Plastpro Inc., headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, has been a leading U.S. manufacturer of fiberglass entry doors, offering the best possible service and reliability. Plastpro’s customer-focused philosophy has brought a fresh, new approach to the industry and resulted in the highest-quality products on the market.

By maintaining control over raw materials like polyurethane, polyester, and fiberglass, as well as manufacturing every part of its Distinction Doors, Plastpro is able to lead the industry through product innovation. Over the past 10 years, the company has introduced a number of breakthrough product enhancements including full-length all-composite door stiles to keep insulation dry, high-strength composite top and bottom rails, BTHP™ Snap-On door frames to eliminate unsightly plugs and screws, a full-length steel brace for strength, and a versatile, extended-size lock block to ensure the doors fit with any door lock.

Plastpro also brings the latest technology advancements to the industry to meet customer concerns. Hydroshield Technology® protects against water infiltration on all sides of the door, eliminating warp, corrosion, rot, delamination, mold and mildew.

Plastpro’s commitment, depth of materials research and technological development, enable it to consistently produce the products that make it first in fiberglass.

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