Impact Single Hung Window

Impact Single Hung Window         Image Link                  

  • Energy efficient vinyl profiles provide significant energy cost savings.
  • Class 5 “Ultralift” spiral balance system.
  • 7/8″ laminated-insulated glass for large and small missile impact applications.
  • Tilt sash design with lockable tilt sash latches for easy cleaning from interior.
  • Frame and sash are interlocked with swivel type locking hardware.
  • Fusion-welded mitered corners for watertight strength.
  • Concealed installation screws for better appearance.
  • Vinyl frame depth 3-1/4″ for added strength.
  • Multi-chamber frame for added strength and thermal efficiency.
  • Low maintenance, durable vinyl material is highly resistant to UV light, cracks, and doesn’t corrode.
  • Ideal for coastal constructions.
  • Exterior glazed with clear silicone and extruded glazing bead.
  • Aluminum reinforcing on frame meeting rail and sash interlock style.
  • Removable insect screen on operable sash is included.
  • Sloped sill design for superior weathering.
  • Two spring loaded PVC latch locks for added security.
  • Large missile impact resistant units don’t require hurricane protection shutters and qualify for insurance discounts.


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